Tacoma Makes a Difference!


Tacoma's Make a Difference Day Community Project- Volunteer Opportunity Swap Meet!

At TACOMA MAKES A DIFFERENCE on Saturday, October 26, 2013, community members are invited to come to Jason Lee Middle School and get services including health check-ups/referrals, pro bono legal services, information about housing and utilities financial assistance, food programs, support services among others.


They also will be invited to sign up to volunteer in the community for those same types of services and more!


Have you ever wanted to help clean up a beach or to help as a Big Brother or Big Sister? Have you thought about spending some time serving meals at a shelter or even being a foster parent? This is a great chance for you to come in and learn about so many of the volunteer activities in our city.



This is a special day for giving back to the community and we will spend it highlighting what awesome things are going on in Tacoma and especially in Hilltop. It is a chance to unite nonprofits, businesses, community members and students from the region in an attempt to connect people with volunteer services (for both those community members who need services, and those who want to help provide services as volunteers.) It will be a meet and greet with tables with information from multiple community organizations who are offering services in Tacoma and who need volunteers to provide even more services.


Guest speakers will talk about programs that benefit the Hilltop and the city of Tacoma, including local politicians and nonprofit leaders. We will highlight some of the incredible youth volunteer activities happening in our schools and extra-curricular programs that are making a difference to our community too!


It is going to be a huge celebration of what we are doing RIGHT as a city and what amazing things are happening on the Hill!


There will be a massive doorbelling project prior to the event to get out the information and to invite people to come to the celebration, and a media outreach effort to spread the word.


Come on over and see how TACOMA MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!